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Avengers #8: The Vision

One hero, a green and gold clad figure with crimson-hued skin, became a common element among The Avengers, fighting with them for numerous years. Ironically, though, he wasn't meant to join the club, instead designed to kill them! Identified as The Vision by his creator Ultron, he was sent to infiltrate Avengers Mansion, take them out, and begin the enslavement of the human race.

Not surprisingly, Vision had no humanity; it wasn't incorporated into his programming. He also wasn't an alien or monster or even a robot. (But robot is a close guess.) Technically, he is known as a synthezoid, a complex android with synthetic organs appearing human. First appearing in Avengers #57 (1968), his abilities lent him the name because he appeared like a ghost or apparition.

Vision's power spreads across a high range of utility, making him a great asset to the team. Besides intangibility, he can also assume diamond-hard density; in addition, he fires solar blasts through his eyes or a gem matrix on his forehead, which is also used like a battery to recharge him. With an origin of sordid and uncanny revelations, he can truly be considered one of the core members of The Avengers; He has been their leader at one time, his brain was overwritten with Wonder Man's personality and he married The Scarlet Witch.

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