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Tigra's First Impression

 ~Avengers Academy #27 (2012)

Over the course of years, costumes and battle suits have had a makeover; originally, wearing spandex and tights were the common theme (think Superman), but lately, that's no longer the way they dress. In other words, the publishers of Marvel and DC have been rethinking the practicality of superheroes and how they might appear in modern society.

It's not surprising; if you consider how we view heroes and villains, the chances of us taking them seriously can be linked to their appearance. Have you noticed the difference in the last year? Hawkeye now sports purple-tinged goggles instead of a mask; Wonder Woman's gear is now based off of armor.

And, of course, this brings us to the panel and caption for this implementation of the SuperFunnies. Tigra, apparently in touch with her inner feline, wears almost nothing while being introduced to members of the young supergroup, The Runaways. To be fair, it makes complete sense that a furry human-cat person dresses scantily, but in terms of realism, she's going to appeal to the best and worst opinions.

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