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It's Banner Time!

~Incredible Hulk #6 (2012)

This is the second time this year the Incredible Hulk has featured some of the most diabolical and twisted forms of malevolence. In this panel, this time, it's the unfortunate persona of Dr. Bruce Banner. Normally, he's the rational-but-tormented side of the big green machine; this time, however, he's gone completely mad.

In the Incredible Hulk series, Banner and Hulk are totally separated; each has his own entire body. The problem is, Bruce wants Hulk back. And he's been working on everything and anything gamma-related to reacquire the disease which once, not too long ago, had him rampaging across the globe.

In this panel, Dr. Banner is firing one of his deadly arsenal of weapons. Who's at the other end? Well, you can guess, but I can guarantee he big, olive-hued, and as mad as heck!

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