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Pandora Is Her Name

~Justice League #6 (2012)

This issue of Justice League is packed with some interesting info; it would also have to win a grand prize for Villainous Moments.

Why's that? Glad you asked; the beginning puts the League directly in confrontation with Darkseid in a battle for the fate of the world. Once that's over, another chapter called "The Beginning" suggests a super villainous group is about to become revealed (Legion of Doom perhaps?).

Lastly, we come upon this week's most villainous moment. Her name is Pandora and she's in a conversation with The Phantom Stranger; together, they make up two-thirds of the Sinners. What's most interesting is their allusion to her remaking the world. My friends, this could get real interesting if she's the lady figure that appeared at the end of the Flashpoint event.

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