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The Top 10 Greatest Avengers

 If you're a fan of superhero teams, you're probably already familiar with The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. We love them all - their brilliant technologies and mystical origins - but when you think about it, who really deserves to be among their best? What if you had to handpick your favorite Avengers for a mission? Who will mostly likely make it on your team? Who will fall by the wayside?

This Top 10 List answers that question.Gathered before us will be the ten greatest Avengers ever assembled in Marvel superhero history. This is not based on power-scales or good lucks; it's not just a popularity contest or a simple list of the original team. This will be an honest collaboration of all those important qualities, including the members who deserve nomination. Consistency, symbolism, contribution; it all counts.

Avenger #10: The Hulk

He's huge, incredibly easy to anger, and quite possibly the strongest creature on the face of the earth. That's right, you guessed it, he's The Incredible Hulk. From years way back, this green gargantuan was born out of a gamma radiation explosion which sent poor Dr. Bruce Banner into a tailspin of adventures. Once he loses his temper, he turns into this monstrous, often misunderstood, hero.

But why is Hulk one of the Greatest Avengers? Well, that's a fair question. Although the Avengers movie is premiering with this emerald behemoth, Hulk rarely works with the supergroup. (In fact, you could probably list the issues on both hands.)

What really puts him on this list is his infamy, level of power, and the Avenger's origin. Hulk is unquestionably popular and has already had his own TV series, a few movies, and cartoons honoring his status; he's also the top contender for "strongest" superhero in Marvel Comics. And finally, coupled with his appearance in Avengers #1 (1963), Hulk became one of their founding members. (Ironically, though, he quit the team around issue #2.). If he had spent more time with them, his position would be much higher.

And if you doubt Hulk's placement, recognize one fact: the Hulk has a consistent appearance in the Avenger's cartoon and a starring role in the 2012 movie.

The Top 10 Greatest Avengers is a countdown list provided by The Superheroes List. This is an event coinciding with the release of the 2012 Avengers Movie premiering May 4th. If you're big with Avengers trivia or superheroes, then Check out this List!

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