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In Magic, Zatanna Sets The Stage


Superhero Witch #3: Zatanna

~Excerpt from Zatanna #1 (2010)

She calls herself a magician. Maybe that's because she's - yet another - member of the Homo Magi race. Let's be fair, though, Zatanna Zatara is a pure witchcrafting work of art with backwards incantations and syllabic intonations. With no known limits to her power, this daughter of the infamous Giovanni Zatara started off as a stage magician before it became apparent that she was the real deal.

Zatanna has (pardon the pun) set the stage as DC Comics most important magic-user. After a first appearance in Hawkman #4 (1964), she's been an instrumental part of the universe and multiple plots, including a key component of their Identity Crisis, giving advice and sometimes stretching the lines of morality in all things of mystical importance. She was also witnessed reviving the entire city of Metropolis from devastation. Perhaps it's her sleek, half-stocking tuxedo-suit and top hat that makes her look comical, but don't be fooled; even the Justice League trusts her with important missions.

Things are a little different lately with Zatanna, though. Although she was originally conceived as an additional appearance to some of Batman's encounters, she's grown independent over the years, and become updated to a world where she stands on her own contributions. Now, she's part of an elite magical fighting group called Justice League Dark. The tux seems to have disappeared, but she's still garbed in black and can perform a mean Circle of Invocation.

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