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The Scarlet Witch and Her Powers of Hex


Superhero Witch #1: The Scarlet Witch

~Scarlet Witch, from Avengers vs. X-Men #12 (2012)

Wanda Maximoff, also beloved (or hated) by fans as The Scarlet Witch, is possibly the greatest superhero to ever wear the title. Then again, she's also single-handedly responsible for destroying most of the mutant race, ending the Avengers, and killing multiple people within the span of days. That's the problem when you're having a mental breakdown.

From an emotionally disturbed past wrought with deception manipulation, Wanda was one of the original members of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, inducted by her (then unknown) father Magneto. This was her first appearance (X-Men #4, 1964). Later, though, she would become an Avenger and serve as one of their greatest members. During that long career, she would study magic and learn the true art of witchcraft, disputably becoming one of their greatest practitioners.

From earlier times, numerous stories and events have seen the Scarlet Witch, a mutant herself with the ability to create probability-altering hexes, as their focus. Avengers Disassembled was the moment she took out the entire group, killing a few of their members. House of M details the aftermath of that time when she created an entirely new world and later removed the powers of 90% of the mutant population. In most cases, it's never been an intentionally destructive act, just misguided suggestions and advice that caused her to do bad things.

But Witches never seem to be that good - they've always got some strange agenda - and let's face it, Wanda is truly "witchy". Although considerably good of heart, she's performed incredibly powerful and destructive acts. She's been judged as an unpredictable ally. There is one caveat, though; in her latest adventures, part of Avengers Vs. X-Men, she turns out to be a force that saves the world. Go figure.

Halloween is one of the best Holidays for comic book fans; that's when it's actually cool to dress up with a cape! To commemorate the occasion we have The Top 10 Scary Witch Superheroes, a Countdown sponsored by The Superheroes List. Spells will fly, incantations may be called, but who can blame them; it's time to be horrified and Read this List!

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