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Minimum Carnage Means Maximum Carnage!


The Sociopath Symbiote is Back!

~Minimum Carnage: Alpha #1 (2012)

Kletus Cassidy aka Carnage has been busted out of jail. The problem is, no one can figure out how he did it. After only a few weeks of capture, he's back on the rampage and seemingly unstoppable.

This week the issue to follow is Minimum Carnage: Alpha #1, featuring Carnage against two other recent heroes: Venom and Scarlet Spider. Both are fairly new to the Marvel campaigns with Flash Thompson having about a year with his symbiote and Kaine moving to Houston a few months back as their latest version of Spider-Man.

The one-shot issue starts of the event Minimum Carnage:
Part 1: Minimum Carnage: Alpha #1
Part 2: Scarlet Spider #10
Part 3: Venom #26
Part 4: Scarlet Spider #11
Part 5: Venom #27
Part 6: Minimum Carnage: Omega #1

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