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Nick Fury and Agent Coulson vs. Marvel NOW


Six Months Left...And Counting

~Marvel NOW Point One #1 (2012)

The newest incarnation of Nick Fury, his son, has taken over the franchise; now he's a field agent who operates with his long-time buddy Agent Coulson. Their immediate assignment, however, is a stranger who showed up all-of-a-sudden and began taking over the stock market. SHIELD immediately picked up this anonymous figure without a title and he began explaining how the world would end...

It's all unfolding in Marvel NOW Point One #1. Fury and Coulson are witness to a series of stories landmarking the event: The New Nova, The Origin of Starlord, Loki and the Young Avengers, and more!

Time is no longer on their side; the problem is they don't know who's the bad guy.

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