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Those Who Summon Madame Xanadu


Superhero Witch #4

~Madame Xanadu, from Demon Knights #7 (2012)

One of the most controversial witches in the DC Universe is Madame Xanadu, whose past originates from the pages of Doorway to Nightmare #1 (1978), where she was actually a supporting character to various, non-connected plots, but actually goes back much farther. In the title, the protagonist would be led through a series of strange occurrences, usually of occult origin, and end up at Xanadu's shop (now housed in Greenwich Village) where she would give a Tarot reading. Typically, the conclusion would be an unnerving finale based on the spiritual and magical advice she imparted.

Based on that concept, Madame Xanadu is mainly a seer or prophetess. It's true that most of her actions in the DC Universe involves looking into the future or past, but her ties to spellcasting and witchcraft cannot be ignored. She's done everything from potion-making to continue her immortality to binding demons for her bidding; the Tarot cards, however, are the penultimate tool of her trade.

Although most super-heroic witches are modern-day, Xanadu has the edge over them all. Her witching-hour past can be traced back to the Age of Camelot, Etrigan, and other fantasy-mythical characters currently being portrayed in the Demon Knights series. Simultaneously, the editors have her operating Justice League Dark - a caste of occult-based superheroes - in the current era. Very few supernatural heroes have this breadth of experience or can hold a candle to this lady, who is even rumored to have had relations with the Wizard, Merlin.

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