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Megan Gwynn, The Uncanny Pixie


Superhero Witch #5

~Uncanny X-Man #510 (2009)

The latest witch to appear in the comic books is the mutant, Megan Gwynn, an originally innocent Welsh lass who was all about fairy dust, teddy bears, and unicorns. Gifted with four lateral, multicolored wings and the ability to produce a hallucinogenic toxin, she was benefited with the codename "Pixie". Not quite a decade old to X-Men fans, she first appeared in New X-Men: Academy X #5 (2004) as a recruit to their Paragon team.

Things have changed, though; Pixie isn't as friendly and has had some upgrades. Most importantly, she's learning magic. Even Doctor Strange offered to train her once she gets older. And after a few brutal encounters and adventures, she's lost some of her color and gained the ability to summon a "Soul Dagger" - a magical object bound with her spirit. Her most notorious power is the spell of teleportation by uttering "Sihal Novarum Chinoth!"

Pixie started off as a small side extra to the X-Men family, but has gained increasing popularity and importance in their plots. It appears Marvel writers see great promise for her in the future. Currently, though, she is placed on teams for extraction and invasion strategies. No longer a comedy effect, Megan is coming to her own,  a spell-casting witch of the arts.

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