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The Joker Gets His Face Back!


Death of The Family Begins

~Batman #13 (2012)

The Joker is back. But he's not the same. Evil and twisted thoughts are now pale before this malevolent creature, killing his way through Gotham City and now at the doorstep of Alfred Pennyworth!

In the amazing Batman event Death of The Family, The Joker has returned after a year of uncertainty and grotesque mutilation. He was last seen in Detective Comics #1 (2012) when he was captured while on a rampage. After being dropped at Arkham Asylum, our last picture of the super-villain was a wall displaying his surgically-removed face!

Death of The Family is expected to run from October 2012 to February 2013 and will affect the entire Batman Crime-Fighting Family. You can follow the Reading Order and clues by clicking on the link.

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