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Magik Can Be Good...Or Bad


Superhero Witch #3

~Magik, on the cover of X-Infernus #1 (2008)

Did you know Colossus aka Peter Rasputin had a sister? Well, not many do unless you're a true fan of mutants or the X-Men. First appearing in Giant-Sized X-Men #1 (1975), we barely had an idea what this innocent young child was capable of when her brother went off with Charles Xavier to became an X-Man. But, she grew up. And it turns out she's quite powerful by all observations.

Illyana Nikolievna Rasputina is her name and she's gifted with the ability of Limbo. (No, not the skill that requires flexibility.) Apparently, she has an intrinsic connection to that plane of existence and its demonic denizens. Originally, when she was brought in as a mutant, her power was teleportation. Later, though, it grew to uncanny proportions.

Nicknamed Magik, Illyana has been elevated to the dimension's Sorceress Supreme. She's their elite spellcaster and perhaps one of the most deadliest masters of the mystic arts in existence. It's even debatable that she's a superhero because her latest endeavor saw her attempting to enslave the human race (The Avengers vs. X-Men event).

Regardless of her current status, though, Illyana has served in the capacity of goodness. Maybe she's just misunderstood; you would be too if you were wielding a soulsword with demonic armor.

Halloween is one of the best Holidays for comic book fans; that's when it's actually cool to dress up with a cape! To commemorate the occasion we have The Top 10 Scary Witch Superheroes, a Countdown sponsored by The Superheroes List. Spells will fly, incantations may be called, but who can blame them; it's time to be horrified and Read this List!

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