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Avenger #2: Iron Man

~Cover of Iron Man #2 (2008)

Intro: We can rebuild him. Stronger. Faster.Better. We have the technology...

No wait. That's the wrong guy! But in all seriousness, Iron Man is by far worth more than millions if you consider the level of technological ingenuity and power built into the nanotech and circuitry Tony Stark devised to save his own life.

Originally born to us in Tales of Suspense #39 (1963), Stark was a playboy millionaire and inventor caught in a terrible hostage situation which ended up nearly killing him. In an explosion, pieces of shrapnel became embedded near his heart: a mortal wound. To save himself, he contrived a metal suit that kept his heart beating. From that day forward, this device and the weaponry additions turned him into The Invincible Iron Man.

Iron Man, like many of those on this list, is also a founding member of The Avengers; at the time, he was a bulky shell often nicknamed "The Golden Avenger". Together with Hank Pym, they created most of the technical advances, including the Quinjet, the official Avenger's transport, and security defenses.

While the Avengers have had multiple leaders, Tony Stark and his suit are often seen fulfilling the role. It is not atypical for him to be running the group at any time. And over the decades, he has managed to rebuild his heart and integrate his tech into his body.

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