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Iron Man vs. Magneto and More

 ~AVX Versus #1 (2012)

This week we all received a close-up, detailed look at some of the major battles occurring on Utopia during the Avengers vs. X-Men battle. Those of note were Iron Man vs. Magneto, The Thing vs. Namor, and Red Hulk vs. Colossus. Meanwhile, above Earth, Beast is leading other Avengers in an effort to route The Phoenix Force before it can get closer.

In AVX Versus #1, an incredible force of display showed us that Iron Man was fully capable of taking on the Master of Magnetism. Supplied with a non-metal version of his suit, he managed to take Magneto out. Underneath the waves, Ben Grimm faced Namor in what was expected to be a decisive victory for the Atlantean, but surprisingly ended in his defeat.

Uncanny X- Men #11 focuses primarily on Red Hulk vs. Colossus. Once again, the battle led to an underwater front where the scarlet behemoth managed to best the newly, Juggernaut-enhanced mutant. In the same issue, Hope has decided to flee the battlefield after speaking with "Unit".

New Avengers #25 threw a curveball at everyone with a historical account and prophecy of The Phoenix Force. It's clear that The Immortal Iron Fist will be instrumental in dealing with Hope and her powers in the near future.

Secret Avengers #26 took us into space where The Beast, Thor, and others tried to route The Phoenix Force, but failed. Beast is attempting to use an invention he made that might contain it. So far, no luck; fortunately for them, the monstrous energy turned to Hala, home of the Kree, after those aliens coaxed it and somehow resurrected Captain Marvel. The latest concern now is what he, Mrs. Marvel, and The Protector intend to do; there's a huge implication that they will attempt to backstab The Avengers for an unknown reason!

Overall, the entire event is in full battle mode. There's now two more plots to uncover: whatever the Kree are doing and Iron Fist's role.

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