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Nightwing Receives The Call

~Nightwing #8 (2012)

As the prelude for Night of The Owls ends, Nightwing #8 shows Dick Grayson receiving the call from help from Alfred Pennyworth. This coincides directly with the last few pages of Batman #8 (2012) and is the same transmission that is going out to all the members of the Batman Franchise.

Nightwing's mission leads him to Mayor Hady and Councilman Davis. Crashing through the windows, he's already to late to save the decapitated councilman, but manages to survive and escape with the Mayor. At the end of the issue, Grayson is suddenly struck by surprise with throwing knives to the chest. There's no telling if he will survive the rest of the evening. (Pick up Nightwing #9 to find out!)

Meanwhile, back at the Batcave, Bruce Wayne has donned a furnaced-stylized Batsuit and is preparing to take on a whole hoard of Talons. The idea is to lower the temperature of the cave, negating their regenerative powers and causing them to be susceptible.

If you're just learning about Night of The Owls, it includes the Birds of Prey, Batgirl, Robin, Red Hood, and more. Even Catwoman will be in on the event, and if you're wondering what happened from a historical perspective, expect to see All-Star Western provide a story or two in the future.

This Week In Comics is a series of articles that will update on Monday on the Superheroes List Blog, and The Superheroes List website. This is the Night of The Owls edition: if you're interested in this event, keep your eyes open and Check out the List! #TWIC

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