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Avengers #4: Jarvis The Butler

~Mighty Avengers #21 (2009)

The panel above speaks the truth; one amazing constant that has endured longer than any other Avenger - a source of inspiration, as well as cleanliness and good house-keeping - is none other than Edwin Jarvis the Butler, who was first recognized in Tales of Suspense #59 (1964) by Captain America, and first appeared with the group in Avengers #16. (It was a rather dubious introduction, though; Hawkeye tied him up to prove he was worthy Avengers material.)

From a proper British background, Edwin Jarvis has no real special powers; what we know is that he is an experienced airman and former member of Her Majesty's Royal Air Force, meaning he likely has some combat under his wings. All that aside, his true contribution to the team has been his service to the Stark family, having been Howard Stark's butler, and then Tony's. Since the 1960's, what becomes apparent is that he keeps the team morally founded while also fixing personality conflicts.

And so, ironically, what puts Jarvis in this position are words from fellow Avengers. Captain America has stated that this gentlemen will forever stand as one of the team; Hercules and others have supported it with equally dedicated notions, furthering that without him, The Avengers wouldn't last.

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