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Avenger #5: The Mighty Thor

~Excerpt from, Secret Invasion #6 (2008)

His legacy comes from folktales and Norse mythology, a deity of storms and unheralded prowess, the son of Odin All-Father. And then, one day, after centuries of technology, a mystical walking stick in the hands of Dr. Donald Blake brought back his return. Of all the Avengers, he remains one of the most powerful and unstoppable. He is Thor, God of Thunder, wielding his enchanted hammer, Mjolnir.

Thor's first appearance to Marvel Comics is Journey Into Mystery #82 (1962), at the time it was pure luck that a debilitated doctor would find a gnarled cane in the wilderness and be transformed into an immortal being of immense strength and fury. But when he struck it to the ground, he enacted the Asgardian powers within, transforming to the god who would eventually become and Avenger.

An original , Thor is one of the founding members who created the group in Avengers #1; it was his muscle which helped stopped the Hulk, but also his relationship to Loki, God of Mischief, which brought the entire villainy upon the team. After their formation, Thor has been a constant appearing force when they are in trouble; there have been occasions where he was on hiatus, but he is never gone long. And to be honest, it's hard to think of the Avengers without him.

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