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Harley-Davidson Avengers #1

~Excerpt from Harley-Davidson Avengers #1 (2012)

Harley-Davidson Motorcycles has joined in, promoting the Avengers movie with a 2-part digital comic book release and a sweepstakes prize. The winner will be drawn into his or her own comic book and receive a custom built motorcycle. Now that is awesome! If you're interested, you can check out more info at

Harley-Davidson Avengers #1 (The team is exploring Russia for high-level Starcorp tech until one of them members, Hawkeye, disappears. He has been captured by Baron Zemo, working with Whiplash, Mister Hyde, and TigerShark. Hawkeye manages to set off a homing beacon and Earth's Mightiest Heroes head there. Suddenly, they are ambushed on the ground by Taskmaster, using a high-grade ray blaster. As Zemo and Avengers prepare to square off, the villain makes a deal with the Negative Zone Army. The Avengers are about to be overwhelmed until the U.N. Council sends in a special task team known as The Road Force!

This is a running article that will update on Monday on the Superheroes List Blog, The Superheroes List website, and the Spotlight On The Avengers Movie fan page. If you're interested in this movie, keep your eyes open and Check out the List! (The next update will occur with Harley-Davidson Avengers #2 releases.)

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