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Cyclops of Apocalypse

~Age of Apocalypse #2 (2012)

In an alternate reality, mutants have taken over the earth and humans have all but been extinguished. This is the lead-in to the Marvel Comics series Age of Apocalypse, where a group of homo sapiens with no powers -  only their training and skills - have banded together in resistance. These individuals: Goodnight, Horror Show, Deadeye, Fiend, and their leader Prophet,  have named themselves The Exterminated.

This week's villainous moment comes from Age of Apocalypse #2, revealing to us this reality's Cyclops. According to the historical records, he was supposed to be dead. Somehow, though, Wolverine, the current Warlord, has brought him back. And in this panel, you can see he's more so a cyclops than ever.

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