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Night of The Owls Invades Wayne Manor!

~excerpt from Batman #8 (2012), prelude to "Night of The Owls"

One of the latest and greatest from DC Comics, the story event Night of The Owls is actually already taking place in the depths of Batman's lair, starting with the raid of these strange, undying super villains on Wayne Manor in Batman #8.

As this emerging battle which entails the adventures of the entire Bat Franchise initiates, it starts with Bruce Wayne, who has only recently escaped an elaborate deathtrap placed by the Court. He's recovered mostly and planning his next move until Alfred warns him of heat signatures all around the building, moving in on his location.

In the panel above, you only see the first strike; the issue is spellbinding and packed with necessary information for the months to come.

And if you're wondering what else is going on, be sure to check out Nightwing #8 and the rest of the other Batman-related titles, including Catwoman and Birds of Prey. This will be the darkest night of Gotham for years to come.

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