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Shattered Heroes and Battle Scars

~Battle Scars #6 (2012)

This week the Shattered Heroes event is unofficially coming to a close.Well, almost; we're still waiting to see if Iron Man #516 will fit in nicely (and it probably will). Among the most important releases to the story was Battle Scars #6 which made a dramatic, practically unexpected, twist in the course of the future.

You see that gentleman up there: Nick Fury? That's the Ranger-hero, Marcus Johnson, now revealed to be the original Fury's son. In issue #5, we learned that Marcus is Nick's true heir and carries a genetically-perfect rendition of the Infinity Formula within his blood. (Correct, he's going to live a long, long time notwithstanding any bulletfire.)

What we're learning is that the older Nick Fury's formula is on its last legs; Marvel is making way for Marcus Johnson, whose name is actually Nick Fury, Jr. (And, by the way, notice they managed to throw in Agent Phil Coulson?)

So what does this mean? I'll give you one clue: Samuel L. Jackson won't have to look for a job in the near future. He's already cemented the Fury position in The Avengers Movie and Marvel has already pointed out they modeled the Ultimate version of Nick after him.

Sam Jackson, Fury, Agent's all coming together!

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