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A Memorial and The Dark Knight Rises

In Memoriam

Normally a strong movie week begins with opening night; that's when the premieres and fan excitement build into a frenzy and the viral atmosphere begins to ignite.

Last Friday, though, the entire comic book industry - and the country - had to take a pause. It happened that morning, 39 minutes after midnight, when a true-to-life madman, fully armed, committed a tragedy upon 70 or more of Aurora, Colorado's citizens.

It was surreal, out of the pages of a comic book, ironically. But in the end, many of our friends - Batman fans just like you and me - faced a true villain.

Without going into the grim details (and out of respect for the families and their loved ones), The Dark Knight Rises remains open in theaters. It's still doing great at the box office, but there is a dark pall, a shadowy overdraft, in the atmosphere right now.

As you go out, please keep those people in your prayers.

If you did see the movie, be sure to vote. Your opinion is important.

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