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TWIC: The Week of The Spider

Unless you've been living in a cave - no wait - under a rock, this week you're getting ready for The Amazing Spider-Man movie, starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone; it starts on Tuesday, but for most of us it'll be midnight tonight. This is definitely the week of the spider and Marvel released Amazing Spider-Man #688 to coincide with the first appearance of The Lizard, one of Spidey's first super-villains. There's a lot to love, but also some originality in this flick, and the reviews have been varied. One of the main points is that you'll be treated to another origin, but you'll get a new enemy.

The viral campaign for Amazing Spider-Man, in my opinion, has been lackluster; if you expected to see a lot of lead-up, keep looking. For the most part, everything must have been spent on the Avengers movie. Regardless, you can still see Spidey in his numerous monthly releases with Amazing Spider-Man, Avenging Spider-Man, Spider-Men, Avengers, FF, Ultimate Spider-Man, and any of the other mags where he appears for a team-up.

Back on Utopia with Avengers vs. X-Men. Well, it's being called Pax Utopia, lately, and that's due to the Phoenix Five - Cyclops, Magik, Colossus, Namor, and Emma Frost - who have the power of that destructive entity. This week it's all about them dominating the world in the name of peace. Does anyone think that it'll work? Nah! But The Avengers made a grab for Hope and The Scarlet Witch is now taking part in the event. Something is going on and we're going to learn real soon what this whole Phoenix Prophecy is about.

Over on the DC side of the fence, if you were finished with Night of The Owls, you closed your comic books too soon. All Star Western #10, which happens almost two hundred years earlier, actually adds a historical flavor that must be included. It just released and is now part of the reading order. Expect the final part of the "Night" to end with Batman #11, on July 11th. (On a special note, if you're in New York, Scott Snyder will be signing the issue during this event.)

Now, let me tell you about Before Watchmen. This running event is actually decent, but it really boils down to the ending. (One of the biggest disparities, for me, was The Comedian #1, which indicated that Blake didn't have anything to do with the JFK shooting. It's a clear separation from the movie, in the intro, which shows him leaving the grassy knoll.) Last week Nite Owl #1 released and we had another good story, seeing Hollis turn his mantle over to Dan. Right now, the verdict is still out and I'm interested in the public opinion.

Want to try something a bit off-kilter, yet realistic? Try Hit-Girl #1, just release from Icon publishing. Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. put this mini-series out to bridge the Kick-Ass and Kick-Ass 2 stories, but also because Mindy McCready's character was too good to leave alone. From the first page, you'll get a serious, punishing, outlook of their superhero life.

Well, that's the highlights, comic books friends, and more on the horizon. Just one last note: be sure to check out The 10 Hottest Super Babes of Summer 2012. It's counting down right now and updates on Wednesday.

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