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There's Something About Marvel NOW

The Week In Comics

When we last left our heroes, it was really all about Avengers vs. X-Men, The Amazing Spider-Man and Dark Knight Rises Movie, and then some musings over the Before Watchmen and Night of The Owls event. That was yesterday. I promise we'll still go into their updates, but in the last week, Marvel announced something even bigger. It's called Marvel NOW!

Do you remember how Shattered Heroes picked up the fallen pieces after Marvel's Fear Itself event? Well, the impression Marvel Editor-In-Chief Alex Alonso is giving us is something of a similar nature:

"Marvel NOW! is the next step in Marvel story evolution and character evolution. It’s not a reboot. It is a universe-shifting catch-all, which really just tells fans that if you enjoyed Avengers vs. X-Men, get ready for what the outcome is because there’s some major, major changes coming to the Marvel Universe."

If you're interested in learning more about Marvel NOW!, here is a Summary and Landing Page for the "event". The original article over at is here.

Elsewhere in the Universe...

The Avengers vs. X-Men event is again on the hunt for Hope. The Avengers have here now, but The Phoenix Five are not going to let it remain that way. Cyclops just issued a proclamation that there will be no more Avengers (Uncanny X-Men #15). Over at Avengers vs. X-Men #7, though, The Scarlet Witch has taken a prime position. She can hurt the Phoenix Entity.

The Amazing Spider-Man movie drew #140 million according to the LA Times (article here) and this is probably the highest paying 30 days ever seen at Marvel with The Avengers back in May.

The Dark Knight Rises previews are getting standing ovations. I've checked out the sources and don't consider them fully vetted, however, the Twitter and Facebook comments suggest that this movie will equal, if not surpass, what we've already seen this Summer.

Last, but not least, Before Watchmen is going strong with each release. Last week, Ozymandias #1 came out and gave a strong background on the "Smartest Man in The World". The true beauty of the series is that - so far- each story has been extremely strong and well-developed. 

Until next week: We're still waiting for the final issue of Batman that will conclude Night of The Owls. And there will always be more.

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