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Batman Tragedy #3: R.I.P.

~Batman R.I.P., excerpt from Batman #677 (2008)

There are many ways to skin a bat, but there is only one Batman. In this consequential story, called Batman R.I.P., we learn what happens when you destroy the mind of the hero. Truly his greatest asset, The Dark Knight is systematically taken down by an opponent who carefully dismantles him on the psychological level. For once, we're uncertain he can survive. He's a ragged shadow of his former self...and the predators have only started their hunt.

Starting with Batman #676 (2008), Bruce Wayne is flanked by his girlfriend, Jezebel Jet. (The name alone should have tipped him off, don't you think?) After revealing his secret and letting her deeper into his life, a combination of events, prodded by her and The Black Glove, push him into a state of insanity; that's when she leads him into a psychological trigger while he's looking at a flashing screen with subliminal messaging. Quickly after, they invade the Batcave and discard a mind-numbed and confused Wayne onto the streets of Gotham. Their plan is almost finished; now they are having a party to hunt Batman down and kill him.

There was only one thing they didn't prepare for: Zur-En-Arrh. Having nearly died months before, Wayne studied special meditation technique in Nanda Parbat that allowed him to create a mental backup personality in case his primary one failed. Called The Batman of Zur-En-Arrh, he donned purple, red, and yellow rags and tracked his detractors with a miniature radio he called a "Bat-Media" device.

Batman R.I.P. may be the most twisted and deadliest tale ever for the Caped Crusader. Besides nearly dying, Alfred, Robin, and others are almost killed and his family's history is almost corrupted to make them look like thugs. But, once again, we're given hope; somehow there's something beyond human with Bruce Wayne. And it's all in his head.

The 10 Most Deadly Moments of Batman is a countdown provided by The Superheroes List preparing fans for the upcoming movie The Dark Knight Rises, with Christian Bale. If you want to get hyped up on Caped Crusader information, come on over and Check out the List!

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