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Batman Tragedy #1: Final Crisis


The Bat vs. Darkseid

 ~Final Crisis #7 (2009)

If you want to follow an event of epic proportions, culminating in the death of The Caped Crusader as well as other icons of the DC Universe, then you've encountered it right here in DC's Final Crisis. Like many of the other "Crisis", this is a word in their franchise that guarantees change once all of reality settles. But not for everyone; unfortunately for our beloved Bruce Wayne, he was erased. Gone.

Okay. Originally, Batman was thought dead. In a final act of sacrifice, he fired the one thing that could kill Darkseid, the main villain of the story: a Radion Bullet. Unfortunately, there were other complications and the Lord of Apocalypse was heavily wounded but not dead. Simultaneously, he fired his Omega Beams - twin rays of power from his eyes - that continued arcing until they hit the target. The Dark Knight had no chance and was fried into a burning husk.

As far as deadly moments go, Batman was no more a part of the DC Universe. To the world, he was dead; they raised a statue in his name and performed a funeral. However, the last pages of Final Crisis #7 told us that he was...somewhere. Alive. Somehow. And we knew, even though Bruce Wayne was lost to the world, he would eventually return.

Final Crisis put a lot of people at odds. Not only did Batman take a bow, but the Martian Manhunter and others were terminated. The entire event lasted over a year; stands were taken, and once the chips fell, the fans still weren't sure what was going to happen.

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