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SuperBabe #9: Wonder Woman

~Justice League #7 (2012)

The hailing Amazonian princess from Paradise Island, or Themyscira, Wonder Woman is the next submission of comic book beauties this year. An established part of DC Comics since her first appearance in All Star Comics #8 (1941), you might know a lot about her - or think you do - but ever since the changes of DC's New 52, she's undergone quite a makeover.

Beside being one of the few women with her own solo title (called Wonder Woman), her origin is turning out to be a lie. In the beginning, everyone was told she was fashioned out of clay; now, we've learned that she's a daughter of Zeus! Apparently her mother, Queen Hippolyta, had a supernatural one-nighter with the King of the gods, hiding the truth for all these years to avoid Hera's wrath. (Hera kills any woman who gets with her man.) This, of course, puts Wonder Woman, now a demi-god, at a disadvantage with the Queen of the gods as well.

As of late, everything Princess Diana knew has been turned upside down. Hera turned her mother to stone, the Thermyscirans are a bunch of snakes, and she refuses to go back to her paradise island. And perhaps, amidst all the turmoil, you noticed her new outfit!

Take a look! That's armor; metal bracelets are nothing knew, but now the costume is fitted with banded mail or leather strips.The order is out; Wonder Woman needs to look like a warrior. (But you would have been okay with the Red Sonja design, right?)

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