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Solomon Grundy, Man of Grey

~Earth 2 (2012)

The supervillain-zombie known as Solomon Grundy has just reared his grotesque carcass in Washington, D.C. where he is taking apart The White House.

This submission of Villainous Moments comes from Earth 2 #3 (2012), DC's alternate-earth setting where there is no Justice League; in this reality, their story is already over. But now it's up to a new brand of superheroes, The Flash, Hawkgirl, The Atom, and The Green Lantern...these characters and others will form the core of the new Justice Society. Hopefully they'll come together just in time to face Grundy, an avatar of The Grey, on his quest to destroy the living.

Villainous Moments is a column from of The Superheroes List, updated weekly (usually Tuesday). What are the bad guys doing this week? Macabre and unthinkable, grotesque and unbearable; here's your answer! Look for #VillainousMoments on Twitter.

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