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Batman Tragedy #2: KnightFall

~ Detective Comics #664 (1993)

There is one encounter, an incident which in fact took Batman out of play, that every fan remembers. And if you haven't heard of it, just ask around. Elements of it are now the plot for The Dark Knight Rises Movie.

Remember the previous Venom tragedy? Where Batman began taking drugs to augment his strength? Well, that episode of his life returned to haunt him. The only difference now was that it took the form of a huge, brilliant, and psychotic fighter named Bane. The story? KnightFall: the tale where a super-villain beat The Dark Knight and broke his back!

KnightSaga is the actual epic story; it started with Batman #489 (1993), has 3 parts, and is comprised of KnightFall, Knightquest, KnightsEnd. Throughout the first event, though, Batman becomes a broken shell. He realizes Bane is on his trail, but is unable to confront or locate the vigilante until finally falling into a trap. From that battle, his nemesis, a cruel venom-enhanced, super-soldier, beats him to a bloody pulp.

For a long time, there was no recovery from KnightFall. Wayne, although alive, put his Batman identity in jeopardy by allowing an "apprentice" named Jean-Paul Valley to adopt the suit and fight in his name. The results didn't go so well; Valley was aggressive and violent, and this put another stain on the Dark Knight legacy, creating a rift with the law.

Batman did eventually recover and this showed us that no one could take Bruce Wayne's place. But KnightFall gave us a glimpse of what would happen without him.

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