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Superhero Inventor #6: Bruce Wayne

CEO - Elitest - Inventor - Dark Knight

There's one faction of society, the truly determined and most gifted of us all, that has no desire to wait for the casual radioactive explosion or Ring of Green Energy. They need super powers now! And because of that intense necessity, there's only one choice: inherit it from your mother and father!

Well, that's at least how it started out for Bruce Wayne, one of the country's wealthiest executives and CEO of Wayne Industries. When his parents were murdered during his youth, he became the Boy-Prince of Gotham City who eventually rose to take over his father's holdings. The thing about Bruce, though, is that he was never in it for the money.

Bruce Wayne is Batman; you should know that unless you're living in a cave, but more importantly, he's one of the world's leading innovators and inventors. Most of it is in secret - which he uses to augment his "Bat" toys; you'll often see the Batwing, Batmobile, and Batsub throughout his adventures - but he is still a force in the private market with everything from transportation to free energy to military contracts.

It's an inventor's dream come true if you're rich and a superhero, but that's nothing; with his advanced researching in chemistry and forensics, he's also created inoculations against The Joker's venom and The Scarecrow's Fear toxin. In every battle, he's typically designing up a special device or suit modification that will give him the added advantage.

The Top 10 Greatest Superhero Inventors is a Countdown sponsored by The Superheroes List, giving you a look at some of the most brilliant minds, working their way with gadgets and innovations. It's also a tribute to the 2012 coming of Labor Day. If you like this kind of thing, head on over and check it out! 

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