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Batman Tragedy #4: Night of The Owls

~Excerpt from Batman #6 (2012), prelude to The Night of The Owls

The premiere event for 2012, DC Comics pushed The Dark Knight to his limits in a nest of pervading and inevitable doom with Night of The Owls. Starting with Batman #1 (2012) and stretching to encompass Nightwing, Catwoman, and nearly all the other members of the Bat Franchise, this story nearly clawed the Wayne family name and resources from history.

With a backdrop of over two hundred years of legend, the demonstrative and far-reaching power of Night of The Owls culminates in a single evening of mass assassinations; powerful beings called Talons, with heightened strengths and regenerative abilities, have been unleashed to remove elite figures from Gotham City's hierarchy. Bruce Wayne is one of the earliest targets; it turns out that a "Court of Owls" has been operating under his nose, secretly residing within Wayne buildings and using Wayne assets for years.

As each chapter unfolds, the immensity of danger grows to include relatives of his past and even his former sidekick, Dick Grayson, who was intended to serve as one of their killers. The sickening truth is that The Court has been waging a silent war with Batman for years, meticulously plotting to undermine and ultimately destroy him. And at the single moment of unveiling, when The World's Greatest Detective learns of their existence, it's too late. (Or is it? You'll have to read it to find out.)

Why does Night of The Owls resonate so strongly? Because when Batman beats a foe, it's not due to super powers. It's not because he's lucky.  The truth is, it's hard to take him by surprise; his mental and preparedness keep him one step ahead of danger. And if, by some chance, he gets into a jam, he can call upon wealth or technological resources for any particular situation. But that all goes away in this tale; now, he is at a complete disadvantage with everything at stake.

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