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Ambush Bug is DC's #1 Strangest Superhero??

One superhero stands above all the rest when it comes to weirdness, and not just because he's mentally unbalanced. Heck, he might not even be crazy; it may be you! But see, that's the level of bizarre dementia you're dealing with once you pick up a comic book with superhero Irwin Schwab, infamously known as the teleporting Ambush Bug, created by Keith Giffen.

Appearing first in DC Comics Presents #52, Ambush Bug started off as a super-villain to Superman. In no time, though, he realized that Supes and him were buddies (something Kal-El didn't really appreciate) and became a force for good. Well, maybe good; clearly there are only two possibilities: either he's the most insane superhero ever or he's the only one that makes sense.

Let's see what you think. Among Ambush Bug's strange behaviors:
  • His greatest battle was against Argh! Yle!, a Living Sock with self-fulfilling schemes of world domination. (It turns out this sock and Irwin's bug suit traveled to earth in the same suitcase before being intercepted by a giant radioactive space spider.)
  • To aid him in crime fighting, he picked up a doll, gave it a costume, and dubbed it "Cheeks, The Toy Wonder" (they've been a duo, ever since).
  • He's the only superhero to have broken DC Comic Law. (He is often cited by a "Continuity Cop"...

Item of The Day: Showcase Presents: Ambush Bug Vol. 1

What happens when an small-unassuming man picks up a suit sent across from the universe from a distant planet? What happens when he puts it on, gaining super powers?

He becomes the Ambush Bug, that's what!

(On a side note, it seems like Ambush Bug's other super power might be his ability to be really annoying. Maybe The Question and him should form a super-duo.)

Showcase Presents comes up with this huge compilation of Ambush Bug material which involves stories with Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman and more. This piece of work includes his appearances in DC Comics Presents, Action Comics, the Ambush Bug mini-series, the Son of Ambush Bug mini-series, the Ambush Bug Stocking Stuffer, the Ambush Bug Nothing Special, and more. You also won't miss his his Secret Origin, provided within.

Ambush Bug finishes off our list of DC's Top 10 Strangest Superheroes. Well, what do you think? Did you agree? Disagree? Head on over and tell me what you think! And if you're looking for more,be sure to check back in at The Superheroes List; countdowns are what I do.

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