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DC's #12 Haunted: Solomon Grundy

Taken from a 19th century English nursery rhyme, DC Comics raised the ire of the first Green Lantern, Alan Scott, when he encountered their first zombie super-villain, Solomon Grundy (All-American Comics, Oct. 1944). Pale white of skin, interposed with the vegetation of the swamp as his resting place, we realized Solomon was extremely more difficult than your average foe, mainly because he can't die.

And actually, we're not really sure if he has a soul anymore. As DC Comics have evolved over the decades, it has been explained that Solomon Grundy, formerly a rich businessman named Cyrus Gold, was either murdered or took his own life. Somehow his corpse ended up in the Louisiana Bayous, infusing with the flora and taking on the aspect of a partial plant elemental. When he rises, he is virtually mindless, incapable of remembering most of his past. More...

Item of the Day: Solomon Grundy

If you're looking to get an in-depth observation of the Solomon Grundy curse in DC Comics, this paperback has it all, written by Geoff Johns (also notorious for his work with The Flash). One of the great super-villains of the 20th century, you're about to undertake an adventure that actually teams Grundy with his previous incarnation. Yes, it gets strange, but the beauty of this is that you'll also learn his origin.

In this macabre graphic novel, you'll get Solomon Grundy interacting with a multitude of characters such as Killer Croc, Bizarro, The Green Lantern, and many more. This is a huge item if you've been wanting to get a detailed origin; that's because Cyrus Gold and Solomon Grundy are both on an adventure to remove their curse. How can that be, you say? Pick it up and you'll find out!

Solomon Grundy heads up #12 as one of The Top 12 DC Spirits of Halloween, a list sponsored by TSL. That's right; Halloween is getting closer. And what's a better way to get into the spirit that by getting into the...spirits?

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