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The Return of Barry Allen is Flash's #3 greatest story!

One of the earliest stories that shocked and captured the heart of all Flash fans was the tale encapsulated in The Flash vol. 2, issues #74-79 (and including a crossover of The Green Lantern #40). Today, it's the beloved saga known as The Return of Barry Allen. Considering it was written fairly early during Wally West's role as the new Flash (1993), most of us were startled that Barry was returning to take up his old mantle.

The immediate surprise came in issue #74 when Barry showed up at Jay and Joan Garrick's doorstep, dazed with a loss of memory; he knew he was Barry Allen, but had been disoriented enough to wander around lost for weeks. Wally's first impression was to question reality: was this truly his old mentor? How could this be happening? What happens to him if the original Flash returns? More...

Item of the Day: The Flash: The Return of Barry Allen

In the Return of Barry Allen, you really have to understand the perspective surrounding him at the time; this happened very shortly after Crisis on Infinite Earths, a DC comic book event that did a soft reboot, remaking their entire universe. As it was written, Barry Allen was the virtual and literal martyr of the epic; his death was partially responsible for saving everything. Seeing his return sent fans reeling. They didn't know what to make of it.

The Return of Barry Allen was written by Mark Waid, one of the early, defining writers of the original Flash. This is one of his best works and covers The Flash vol. 2 #74-79. My only disappointment with this graphic novel is that it doesn't include the crossover issue of The Green Lantern #40 (1993), which has Hal Jordan encountering The Flash.

The Return of Barry Allen takes spot #3 on The Top 10 Greatest Stories of The Flash, a countdown list updating every week, from TSL. If you like the adventures of Barry Allen and Wally West, and want a list over some of their finest exploits, check out the list!

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