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Frankenstein: DC's #10 Haunted Spirit

If you're a cursed spirit in the DC Universe, the chances of coming out of it with good looks and bronze skin are slim. Sure, it can happen from time to time, but don't count on it. And if your soul is a nasty compilation of mixed-up parts of human flesh sewn together in some mad scientist's laboratory, just throw in the towel. That's right; give up on being called "Handsome" because your name is probably Frankenstein.

Based loosely on Mary Shelley's interpretation, DC's Frankenstein is more akin to the Boris Karloff version of the 30's; he still wears all the stitches and stands well-muscled above the heads of most humans, shown mostly in pale-grey or greenish-hued skin. And while Karloff said little to nothing, this one vocalizes his anger, telling you the problem.

The only surviving experiment of his kind, Frankenstein showed us that he was more than just brawn and accursed undead. More...

Like Frankenstein? Check this out: Flashpoint Frankenstein Creatures of Unknown #1

In the recent Flashpoint DC comic book event, Frankenstein was teamed up with inhuman and monstrous soldiers created in the 1940s to stop Hitler and his hordes of Nazis. Their story takes place in present day, when their containment units are broken, returning them to life. In this series, you'll get a taste of the horror classics with a DC superhero twist.

Velcoro, the blood-thirsty vampire; Griffith, the wildly berserk wolf-man, and more. The original Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown series was released in 2011 concurring with DC's Flashpoint event. It spans 3 issues and ties into a whole host of comic books surrounding The Flash, a world with a new reality, and the reboot of DC comics corresponding to "The New 52".

Frankenstein takes a prominent role during the Halloween season and hits #10 on The Top 12 DC Spirits of Halloween, a weekly countdown sponsored by The Superheroes List. If you're a fan of superheroes or some of those classic horror elements mixed in with the battle for good or evil, check out this list!

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