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Conan is Marvel's #1 Greatest Barbarian!

He's been known by many names...and that's because everyone is afraid of him in their own very-special way. Conan the King, Conan The Savage Sword, Conan The Adventure -- you get the hint -- The number one barbarian of all time is this muscle-bound behemoth, a killer who has never displayed a trait of fear or lack of resolve when wading into a sea of blood and gore.

To true Conan fans, you know him as the creation of Robert E. Howard, Conan The Cimmarian, hailing from the land of Cimmaria, king-slayer of the Hyborian Age (you might notice that Mr. Howard was also the creator of Kull and has a lot of influence in this area). Originally, he was brought to you in the pages of Weird Tales as far back as 1932.

But his legacy did not end with the passing of his great creator. No, Conan lives on to this day! More...

Item of the Day: Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer

Back in 2008, The Age of Conan was released as a gory, hack and slash role-playing game with intense graphics and a level of attraction meant for an older audience.

Today, things have simmered down a bit. And you're in luck; now Age of Conan is a Free-to-Play (F2P) game, meaning you can download the software at their main site.

If you played Age of Conan when it first came out, you're in for an exciting experience. Things have changed -- I mean changed...a lot! This game still has one of the best graphic engines around and involves a real-time environment. So if you don't aim your arrow right, you're going to miss. The Rise of the Godslayer expansion is also available now, which expands upon the lands surrounding Hyboria, giving you access to new content, advancement, and quests that would otherwise be unavailable. My recommendation it that you try out the free version and see if this game is worthy of your attention. You'll have paid nothing!

Conan hits the #1 spot at Marvel's Top 5 Greatest Barbarians, a countdown sponsored by TSL in their weekly quest to rank and rate superheroes, villains, and those falling in between the cracks. If you like this kind of stuff, you need to head over to The Superheroes List, where every article counts. Check out the List!

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