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The Dastardly Death of The Rogues; The #4 Greatest Flash Story

By now you're completely comfortable with The Flash and the multitude of plots surrounding this extremely fast superhero; one thing that should seem likely is his inevitable interaction with time. How else can you be that fast without affecting it? And if you haven't spotted this, then perhaps it's time to read The Dastardly Death of The Rogues, a recent story occurring after Barry Allen's return from The Speedforce.

A brilliant masterpiece, The Dastardly Death of The Rogues reads well, but does need a primer before you delve into its pages. That's because it takes place during an event called The Brightest Day, a DC Comics crossover that fundamentally affected all their superheroes. So, if you have some extra reading time, you may want to pick up some Brightest Day graphic novels here. They are worth it.

Once you're ready, prepare for blast off. Encompassing The Flash vol. 3 #1-6, The Dastardly Death of The Rogues surrounds the fall of a superhero known as The Mirror Monarch, killed by none other than Barry Allen. More...

Item of the Day: The Flash, Vol. 1: The Dastardly Death of the Rogues

Is this a trap? You bet is it. Something strange is going on here. Could Barry Allen really be planning to kill another superhero? Naw; it's not likely. You can bet there's a secret manipulative plot under all this.

Covers issues The Flash vol. 3 #1-7 and includes The Reverse Flash Task Force and The current century's Rogues Gallery, which means you'll get the great combat action. The Flash gets thrown into all this and now you've got a great story. Also, if you're a fan of The Brightest Day and Flashpoint, these issues do a good job of getting you ready.

The Dastardly Death of The Rogues is #4 on The Top 10 Greatest Stories of The Flash, a weekly TSL countdown. If you're a big Flash fan, or you want to get introduced to this Scarlet Speedster, check out the List!

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