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Red Sonja: The #2 Greatest Barbarian of Marvel Comics

Do you like female barbarians? The savage trail of fury left by a voluptuous vixen intent on vengeance? Does a long-haired wild-woman wielding a sword through scores of men raise your interest? What about her armor and raiment? (By the way, does anyone know why barbarian woman-armor looks like lingerie?)

Let me rephrase that -- what's there not to like about female barbarians? They're savage heroines, like the tigress protecting her cubs, cutting a swath of death at the snap of a finger. And better yet, ask yourself this: what infamous, scarlet-tressed, She-Devil with a Sword comes to mind when all this beserker fury and enraged bloodlust need a sultry, but deadly curved warrior to take to the battle?

Okay, you better say Red Sonja because that's the answer. Created by Roy Thomas and Barry Windsor-Smith and first arriving on the scene in Conan the Barbarian #23 (February 1973), no female of Hyborean legend has fascinated, or caused our tongues to drop out of our mouths, like this First Lady of Bloodbaths. More...

Item of the Day: Red Sonja (DVD)

To start off, I can't tell you how popular this movie is; Hmm. Maybe that's because so few people have watched it.

Well, either way, I watched it -- and, yes, it's definitely a B-Movie that sensationalizes the Red Sonja with actress Brigitte Nielsen's flashy moves. You have to understand the era, though. This was the 80s and Arnold Schwarzenegger had already come out with Conan and Terminator. In other words, barbarians and gory battles were pretty popular and Red Sonja was one director's idea of getting the 13-24 testosterone-led crowd to the big screen.

Red Sonja stars Brigitte Nielsen and Arnold Schwarzenegger, basically following the path of her origin to the age where she has mastered the sword to become a deadly killer. In the story, her quest is to avenge the death of her sister and kill the maleficent queen.

Red Sonja fills the #2 spot on Marvel's Top 5 Greatest Barbarians, a weekly countdown from TSL. If you enjoy barbarians, it's time to get your due. Hope you enjoy!

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