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Dead Heat: The #5 Greatest Flash Story

Perhaps you remember, or were a fan of, The Flash story called Blood Will Run. In that exciting plot, Wally West had to deal with a religious cult of Flash-Worshippers and zealots, using the Speedforce to murder important people around him.

Well, let's up-scale this story up a notch; this time, let's make someone else the "god" of speed. And instead of killing people The Flash saved, let's kill all the people with Flash-like powers. Sound good? Good! Now you've entered the brilliant plot behind one of Flash's greatest stories called Dead Heat. Comprised of a cross-over of Flash #108-111 and Impulse #10-11, Wally West has to beat the odds when all the other speedsters lose their powers. More...

Item of The Day: The Flash: Dead Heat

Dead Heat is one of those truly great Flash epics surrounding The Speedforce (also called The Speed Force if you're particularly sensitive) and pitting our favorite Scarlet Speedster against a man who's taken the claim up as the Hindu god of motion. What happens if all the others with super-speed -- save The Flash -- have lost their powers? Why are blue-clad ninjas trying to kill him? All these questions are answered in The Flash: Dead Heat.

The Flash: Dead Heat is a compilation of The Flash #108-111, with a crossover section including Impulse #10-11. And obviously that means you'll not only be seeing a lot of Wally West, but more of his distant, future-relative, Bart Allen. There are also many other numerous appearances -- you'll get the entire speed-daring cast.

The Flash: Dead Heat fills the #5 spot on The Top 10 Greatest Stories of The Flash. If you're a big Flash fan and want to catch all the exciting plotlines and stories surrounding oru Scarlet Speedster, keep an eye out for this list.

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