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Rebirth: The #2 Greatest Story of The Flash

He's back.

In DC's Final Crisis series, we heard a rumor that Barry Allen was really returning and we didn't quite understand why or how. Somewhere in the expansive minds of the creators of the DC Universe, though, they dared to bring back the one man, the emblem of martyrdom, who saved us from the Crisis on Infinite Earths. And it all culminated in one of the most spectacular sold-out mini-series of all time, when the original Flash, Barry Allen, came back from the Speed Force in Flash: Rebirth.

Somewhat controversial; that would be an understatement. When Barry reappeared the Flash fans were joining separate camps; you were either a "Barry" Flash fan or a "Wally" one, and it was easy to understand. Since March of 1986, we all thought Barry had died; later, they tricked us with "The Return of Barry Allen", which turned out to be a super-villain hoax.

But now it was real; it really happened. More...

Item of the Day: The Flash: Rebirth

Flash: Rebirth has to be in the top 3 of the greatest Flash stories of all time. Fundamentally, it challenges your loyalty to the entire genre of speedsters, asking if you're truly a Wally West fan or if you've been waiting for Barry Allen to return. Not only does it twist everything in knots, daring you to keep up with the incredible plot, but it threatens at any moment to remain your favorite characters from the field of battle.

Flash: Rebirth is a 6 issue mini-series which was released in 2009, after the DC Event called "Final Crisis". If you're not up to speed on The Flash before reading his Rebirth Saga, Final Crisis is a pretty good, and lengthy, beginning.

Showing up at #2 on The Top 10 Greatest Stories of The Flash is Rebirth, the saga that literally brought Barry Allen back into DC Comics. If you're a big Flash fan and want to follow some of the most awesome adventures ever to catch up with the Scarlet Speedster, check out this list, sponsored by The Superheroes List.

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