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Batman Tragedy #6: The Killing Joke

~Excerpt from The Killing Joke (1988)

There can be no tragic list of events without paying homage to Batman's greatest nemesis: The Joker. Almost everyone knows of this villain, but few - except for the Dark Knight scholars among us - understand the depth of the relationship between this pale, ghostly-skinned, laughing psychopath and the Bat. Batman strives to prove justice must prevail; he will not kill. The Joker is spurred by the need to show humanity's insane cruelty; for him to succeed, good men like Batman must be driven to madness before they can die. The irony - and dare we say punchline - is the numerous fatalities and shattered lives resulting as a consequence of their philosophies.

This, in turn, represents two very terrible moments. The first, in this submission, comes from The Killing Joke. Written in 1988 by Alan Moore, this highly-acclaimed Batman-Joker story is where Joker came to Barbara Gordon's place and brutally shot her in the stomach. Almost killing her, it took a sharp turn in the Dark Knight franchise and history for decades.

From The Killing Joke, Batman and Joker have never been the same. Neither has Batgirl (Barbara's original identity). In all liklihood there would have never been an Oracle (Barbara's next crime-fighting incarnation) or a Birds of Prey (The female supergroup led by Oracle). And the real joke? The worst was yet to come...

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