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The Secret Inside Weapon X

~Wolverine #307 (2012)

That unstoppable berserk weapon, Wolverine, has been effectively neutered with a short phrase of words. Now he is in the clutches of an old nemesis, Dr. Rot, and his "family" of psychotic, medical-malpractice experiments.

In this villainous installment, our feral, adamantium-clawed mutant is about to become another laboratory rat; the setting matches the horror of a Frankenstein movie as he is captively wheeled into a workshop with electrodes, discarded human parts, and lots of blood. Lots of blood.

Dr. Rot is an old acquaintance of Logan's; the two have tangled before. But this time he's looking to unlock some of the secrets of the Weapon X program, and that means going into Wolverine's mind. Literally.

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