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SuperBabe #10: Ya'Wara

~Ya'Wara, from Aquaman #7 (2012)

Introducing The Top 10 Super Babes of Summer 2012
If you were trying to second-guess all the other things going on in the comic book world this year, you might be surprised to know that a lot of changes and updates are happening to the super-powered ladies. To commemorate the news, we're going to gather them into a Top 10 list and let you check them out in all their glamor. This will be called The Top 10 Super Babes of Summer 2012. Here, you will get some comic book brain candy as well as some nice photo shots of those woman taking a center stage.

Super Babe #10: Ya'Wara
If you're wondering how to start a list of this magnitude, you do it with a the first appearance of this beauty in Aquaman #7 (2012), a dark-skinned, scantily-clad heroine, known only as Ya'Wara. Putting an alternative slant to DC Comics' Vixen, she's more bestial, revealing, and carries an air of feral allure; her origin remains to be detailed as of yet, but she just arrived in full barbaric fury, to kill an enemy that was aiding Aquaman. Read More.

Coinciding with this seasons' events in the comic book world, The Top 10 Super Babes of Summer 2012 is a countdown from The Superheroes List, updating on Wednesdays, for simple entertainment as well as informative purposes. If you want to know how some of the female characters are evolving during the hot months, Read the List.

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