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John Stewart: Guilty

~Green Lantern Corps #10 (2012)

John Stewart was sentenced to death last week in a guilty verdict under the authority of the Alpha Lanterns in Green Lantern Corps #10. His execution is was to be staged at a later time.

In this issue, we are once again seeing a Green Lantern trial, much like the one during the Justice League Animated series, where their roll as "cosmic" police officers are in question when they cross the line. The atrocity here is that some of their decisions require a heavy toll on morality and a failure to act could cost many more lives.

Playing the role of unbending arbiters, the Alpha Lanterns are this week's villain. Unconditionally, they believe they are serving the role of justice and the higher good. But there is a strangeness - and we see it often in media - when the law can't account for exceptional circumstances, even when the action dutifully saved others.

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