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Loki Arrives In England

~Journey Into Mystery #639 (2012)

Loki Lauyfeyson has been sent on a super-special "secret" mission to aid Otherworld. He was silently dispatched by Asgardia after they publicly stated they could not interfere in another pantheon's internal affair.

If you're not familiar with Captain Britain lore, Otherworld is the home of all magic and carries a deep connection with the British Isles; currently, though, a war encroaches on this mystical land between these beings and the gods of "Manchester" Fearing they will lose, a call rose for the aid of Asgardians and anyone who would help them fight.

This latest issue of Journey Into Mystery shows us the continuing humor woven into the fabric of a young Loki, as the Child-god of Mischief travels with Leah, Hela's Avator.

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