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Spidey Suit #2: Scarlet Spider (Kaine)

~Excerpt from Scarlet Spider #3 (2012)

In the recent months (2011-2012 for those of us reminiscing), Peter Parker has gone through quite a wardrobe malfunction of designs. That's not to say that every creation has been dismal; on the contrary, these next two submissions are the quintessential portraits of latest Spider-Man fashion. So, before you search through all your web-head comic books trying to figure it all out, here's number two: the Scarlet Spider suit modified for Kaine.

A heavier, darker, crimson with black face and shoulders, this isn't your "friendly" neighborhood wall-crawler - nope - not at all. Then again, Kaine is more of an anti-hero, in the venue of The Punisher. And nothing gets this across better than a black facemask with large, glaring, blood-red eyes.

The glamor behind this suit is not only the colors or theme; the red and black put a chilling effect on observers like the Venom suits of old. But this is actually a modified version of the recent stealth suit, the one Parker was using in 2011. And that means it can turn him virtually invisible.

Although there have been other versions of The Scarlet Spider, this one appeared first in Scarlet Spider #1 (2012), receiving it's own title. (Special Note: Technically, Marvel Point One (2011) offered a glimpse at this costume first.)

The Top 10 Costumes of Spider-Man is a Countdown provided by The Superheroes List, preparing Comic Book Fans for the upcoming movie, The Amazing Spider-Man with Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone. If you're a Spider-Man enthusiast, join in and check out the fun as we sort through all his popular and, sometimes most wacky, Spidey designs.

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