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Stormwatch: Good, Bad, or what?

Stormwatch #10 (2012)
~Stormwatch #10 (2012)

In the modern era, we've been increasingly faced with conflicts of good, evil, and decisions of morality; no longer are superheroes the "good guys" because they were capes and don't rob banks. It's becoming much more complex.

In Stormwatch #10, the same scenario is playing out: this is an organization that has existed for centuries, run by a mysterious "Shadow Cabinet". Although their goal is to protect the earth from alien invasion and threats - noble in purpose and scope - it turns out that they've conducted assassinations, replaced and rewritten histories, and taken a very totalitarian perspective when conducting their business.

As you read this issue, the question will undeniably surface in your thoughts: Are these heroes on the right side of good or are they a worse threat than the ones they fight?

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