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TWIC: As The World Burns...

~Excerpt from X-Men Legacy #268 (2012)

The week of June 13, 2012, while evolving some plotlines, is beginning one to a close. As well, buzz is starting to surface of a movie to come.

Avengers vs. X-Men - The hosts of The Phoenix are on earth now; we know they are purging the world of "problems" (such as guns, war, etc.), but the extent of their control is - as of yet - unknown. X-Men Legacy #268 (2012) gave us a brief glimpse of the struggles to come. In addition to that release, you can view a couple of detailed battles on the moon in AvX: Versus #3 (2012) with The Thing vs. Colossus and Black Widow vs. Magik.

Night of The Owls - The DC event is almost over. Batman, however, has only just begun. After exacting a couple of clues, he found a lead on the Court of Owls and is closing in. By the end of Batman #10 (2012), a complete twist emerges and could change the known history of Bruce Wayne. (It's unlikely, but you'll have to read it to find out.) Batman #11 is probably the final issue of the event (should arrive around July 11th.)

Before Watchmen - Now underway, this week's release is Before Watchmen - Silk Spectre #1 (2012) and details Laurie Jupiter's background. It doesn't comprise a lot of action, but does give a more rounded, historical perspective of the female member of The Watchmen. The real question is whether DC will do more harm than good to Alan Moore's TPB.

Iron Man 3 - Tony Stark's next flick is on the way; they released some new picks. The latest rumor is that he'll be facing The Mandarin. Sorry no official site yet, though. But here's the first set photo from
Now...let's see what's coming this week, shall we?

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