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TWIC: Minute By Minutemen

The "Stuff" for June 6, 2012.
Once again it's time to hear about The Week In Comics with some quick, short updates of the world of superheroes as they battle their way to infamy.

Avengers vs. X-Men #5 released last week for that event and the deadly entity known as The Phoenix finally arrived where Hope and the two teams were fighting: Earth's moon. Things didn't go exactly as planned, though, and now The X-Men, 5 of them, are hosts to the machinations to come.

Unfortunately it was a slow week for Batman's Night of The Owls. Nothing came out for the story.

If you were anticipating the Before Watchmen event, you can now sit back and relax. Before Watchmen: Minutemen #1 (2012) released and it gives you an intro into the whole roster of their earliest characters. From the perspective of Hollis Mason, he recounts each member, giving a brief profile.

Marvel's Spider-Man Movie project is starting their promotional for the July 3rd film release; now you can pick up Amazing Spider-Man Movie #1 (2012), which shows the character wearing the movie version costume and fighting crime for the first time.

Are you a fan of The Thunderbolts? Sorry to hear that; it appears the series just concluded. Here's a glimmer of hope, though; it may redeem the criminals-serving-as-heroes in your eyes. Dark Avengers #175 (2012) just released, and it's picking up right where Thunderbolts #174 ended. But it's all new characters comprised in this supergroup.

Lastly, on the Comic Book News front:

DC Comics recently announced The New 52 "0" Month, which will be releasing in September 2012. All the comics that month will be number #0 and there will be four new titles releases. More to come; I'll make a summary page for all that information this week. By the way, it was also announced that Alan Scott was the gay person to come out of the closet. Personally, I don't consider him a major character, but in Earth 2, it appears he'll become one.

Marvel, with Avengers and Spider-Man going strong this summer, is gearing up for their next release: Iron Man 3. But here's a tidbit of info; word came out from Latino Review that Marvel might produce a Black Panther movie. Likely for 2014. I'm actually not surprised because I was thinking an Avenger's sequel will need an additional character or two.

The Week In Comics is a new series of articles that will update on Monday on the Superheroes List Blog, and The Superheroes List website. It will cover all the major events and story lines of recent in the superhero and villain world. If you're interested in today's super-news, keep your eyes open and Check out the List! #TWIC.

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